Customer satisfaction is our most important confirmation of efficiency. If subsequent contractors work with us year after year and recommend us to their partners, it means that we have successfully fulfilled our promise relating to quality. This is our pride and motivation for further efforts. In this style, taking care of every detail, we have been operating from the very beginning, always tailoring specific solutions to customer needs and requirements of a competitive market.

K.A.N was set up in 2014. Since the beginning it has been run by Bachar Kadi Amin, an experienced supplier of best solutions from Asia and Europe. Since then, our offer has significantly evolved, constantly adjusting to changes in the market and expectations of both new and regular customers. We change as a company and as a contractor in order for the quality and professionalism of our offers to remain invariably great – at all times responding to the new challenges faced by our customers.

Based on many years of experience in sales and cooperation with equipment manufacturers, we provide a guarantee of price and quality of equipment as well as individual approach to each customer. Acting on the basis of the above values, in the last 5 years we have sold in the Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian and Lithuanian markets about 137 pieces of various kinds of specialized machines, and our customers, both beginners in the paper industry, and those who have been in business for generations, have succeeded many a time thanks to cooperation with us.

We operate in Central and Eastern Europe, providing distinctive businesses with tools that help them excel in their work and beat their own records. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation.

Our mission:

Provide our customers with high quality machines with unique capabilities in manufacturing a wide range of paper products.

Our values:

·         customer satisfaction

·         experience and confidence

·         innovation and professionalism

·         high-quality products and services

·         building lasting relationships with our customers

We provide each customer with:

·         comprehensive technical advice in the selection of machines for the production profile,

·         delivery of the machines purchased, at a designated place,

·         insurance of machines for the duration of transport to the customer,

·         professional support and supervision of unloading,

·         installation and start-up of machines,

·         training staff in operating the purchased machines,

·         warranty

·         reliable service and professional technical support by skilled engineers from Poland, Taiwan and Italy during and after the warranty period,

·         user manual in the native language.